Incomum is a novelty space,

of romance and predilection for all.





Restaurante Incomum By Luís Santos - Sintra

The Space

Group dinners, birthday parties or a romantic dinner. Know more about the facilities of Restaurant Incomum by Luís Santos.


  Restaurante Incomum By Luís Santos - Sintra


Indulge in the culinary specialties of chef Luís Santos. Try our fish, meat or vegetarian dishes.


Restaurante Incomum By Luís Santos - Sintra

Wine Menu

At Restaurant Incomum by Luís Santos your meal may only be accompanied by a good wine. Discover our wine list.


Chef Luís Santos

His adventure in gastronomy began at 18, at the Hotel Du Rhone in Switzerland, as a kitchen helper. Giles Dupond, of the restaurant Lyon d'Or in Geneva, was the one who helped him learn methods, taught to work a product as it was the first time, and meet new flavors.


In 2003, he returned to Portugal as head of catering in Silva Carvalho group. In 2007, embraces a new challenge Tágide. And finally, in 2014 launches in a professional / personal challenge, the Incomum in Sintra.

Incomum By Luis Santos | Restaurant

The Restaurant Incomum in Sintra is for chef Luís Santos, an idea, a dream and a feeling. We all have memories. These memories we seek often not to forget because they remind us the times when we were happy, and because they make us return home!

Incomum is coming home. It is the arrival at this beautiful town of Sintra, with its shrouded mountains of mystery and the scene of numerous novels!



Come taste Sintra at Restaurant Incomum by Luís Santos!

Restaurante Incomum By Luís Santos - Sintra

Restaurant Incomum by Luís Santos | Sintra


Incomum by Luís Santos
(S.Maria, S.Miguel, S.Martinho, S.Pedro Penaferrim)
Sintra - Incomum by Luís Santos | Restaurant

Rua Doutor Alfredo Costa 22
2710-523 SINTRA
( S.Maria, S.Miguel, S.Martinho, S.Pedro Penaferrim )
219 243 719